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Bradley Davis is the technical visionary behind Enclavix and the VentureWrench project.  He was a Co-Founder and the Chief Technology Officer of DoBox, Inc. the award-winning provider of residential gateway software and parental control solutions for the broadband gateway industry.  Mr. Davis co-founded DoBox and was the chief visionary and technical strategist, enabling DoBox to deliver the industry's leading parental control solution for broadband gateways. It was this technology that led Netopia, Inc. to acquire DoBox.  Bradley Davis has nearly 30 years of experience in technical management and executive roles. He  has worked as a software architect and lead developer in a broad range of technology areas, including networking, operating systems, knowledge/AI systems, semantic networking, applications and tools. 

Mr. Davis is a Computer Scientist trained at the University of Utah with extensive entrepreneurial experience and deep software expertise. His many years of work as research staff at the University of Utah include work and management roles on Federal and corporate projects at the university. Mr. Davis spent 10 years working on a project called the Computer-Based Education Software System (CBESS) during his early career as research staff at the University of Utah. He was one of the principal architects of this system and, once it was licensed to Darbick Instructional Software Systems, he led all development on the system.  In his role as the CTO and VP Engineering for Enclavix, LLC. Mr. Davis leads the development of the Machine Learning and semantic networking systems core to Enclavix solutions.

Before co-founding DoBox, Brad worked as a senior developer and architect at US Robotics/3Com, where he developed new product strategies for wireless LAN, ISDN, videoconferencing, advanced IP networking, home networking, and hotel data and network security technology. Mr. Davis was a key member of US Robotics’ software and systems architecture group, and served as a representative to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which shapes Internet policy and new Internet-related technologies.  Prior to 3Com/USR, Mr. Davis was the Sr. Architect for internationalization at Zinc Software, now Wind River Systems (WIND), Chief of Software Development for AI-based education solutions at Darbick Instructional Software Systems and past president of DSL, Inc., an early innovator in CAD software tools. He conducted his undergraduate studies at the University of Utah in Physics and Computer Science, which subsequently led to a number of research projects in applications, artificial intelligence systems and semantic networking at the University of Utah's Computer Science Department and Center for Software Sciences.

Bradley Davis, CTO and Software Architect

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