Application of Machine Intelligence to Patent Data yields new perspetive on IP.

Salt Lake City, UT (January 15th, 2015) – Enclavix™, LLC announced that it has successfully completed its Phase I SBIR Project with funding from the National Science Foundation to create a set of tools to help accelerate innovation and put intellectual property to work.  A copy of the final report can be found at (search for Awardee Enclavix). 

Enclavix, LLC Successfully Completes Phase I Project to Create Tools to help Innovators Assess, Manage and Monetize their Intellectual Property

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About Enclavix, LLC 
Enclavix is a software development firm focused on applying artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and related technologies to extracting context and meaning from complex, big-data problems including unstructured data sets such as online resources.  Enclavix focuses on technologies that 1) encourage and strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship and 2) make innovators and entrepreneurs more effective.