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Application of Machine Intelligence to Patent Data yields new perspetive on IP.

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Salt Lake City, UT (January 15th, 2015) – Enclavix™, LLC announced that it has successfully completed its Phase I SBIR Project with funding from the National Science Foundation to create a set of tools to help accelerate innovation and put intellectual property to work.  A copy of the final report can be found at Research.gov (search for Awardee Enclavix). 

About Enclavix, LLC 
Enclavix is a software development firm focused on applying artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and related technologies to extracting context and meaning from complex, big-data problems including unstructured data sets such as online resources.  Enclavix focuses on technologies that 1) encourage and strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship and 2) make innovators and entrepreneurs more effective.

Enclavix, LLC Successfully Completes Phase I Project to Create Tools to help Innovators Assess, Manage and Monetize their Intellectual Property