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The Enclavix Team

Enclavix is the second technology company co-founded by Nicole Toomey Davis, President and CEO, and Bradley N. Davis, Chief Technology Officer. Previously, the two co-founded the award-winning software company, DoBox, Inc., subsequently raised $2.6 million in investor funding, and sold to Netopia, Inc. (NTPA), which was later acquired by Motorola. DoBox was widely recognized in the broadband gateway industry for its industry changing Family Firewall, including parental control technology and home networking solutions. 

The Enclavix team has deep expertise in delivering complex technology to consumers and non-technical users.  Past products of the team include artificial intelligence-based educational software, semantic networking, international interface development tools, consumer and small business/SOHO networking solutions, ground-breaking CAD tools, and the industry’s leading mobile connectivity solutions, as well as the award-winning and pioneering DoBox Family Firewall and Smart Firewall solutions. Headquartered near Salt Lake City, UT,  Enclavix applies artificial intelligence and machine learning and related technologies to extract context and meaning from complex, big-data problems including unstructured data sets.

Enclavix team is focused on development efforts with technologies that accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship. Enclavix has an established collaboration with the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah, having licensed their semantic networking technology to further enhance the Enclavix semantic network and partnering with them for state of the art visualization and search technology. 

Nicole Toomey Davis, President and CEO
​​​Nicole Toomey Davis is the President, CEO and co-founder of Enclavix, LLC, an AI - based software company that creates online tools to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship. The company has received over $1.2 million in funding from the National Science Foundation through the SBIR program. As a result, Enclavix has just launched the Machine Learning - powered  VentureWrench.com, a free online library of curated startup resources to help entrepreneurs get quickly to success. Ms. Davis is the creator of a new online course, “Designing the Perfect Investor – Raising Money for your Startup” and the author of a forthcoming book on the same topic.

Ms. Davis is a serial entrepreneur who is the former President, CEO and co-founder of DoBox, Inc., the leading provider of residential gateway software and parental control solutions for the broadband gateway industry, designed to protect kids and families online. Ms. Davis launched DoBox in 1999, raised $2.6 million in investor funding and led the company to a successful acquisition by Netopia, Inc., later acquired by Motorola, in early 2002.

Ms. Davis holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She is a published author, with both textbook contributions and press articles to her credit, and is frequently called upon to speak at industry events...  

Bradley Davis, CTO and Software Architect

Bradley N. Davis, a serial entrepreneur, is the Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Software Architect of Enclavix, LLC and the former Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of DoBox, Inc. the award-winning provider of residential gateway software and parental control solutions for the broadband gateway industry.  Mr. Davis co-founded DoBox and was the chief visionary and technical strategist, enabling DoBox to deliver the industry's leading parental control solution for broadband gateways. It was this technology that led Netopia, Inc. to acquire DoBox.  

A former senior technologist with 3Com and US Robotics and lead architect with Zinc Software (Wind River), as well as software architect and lead developer on multiple Federally funded research projects, Bradley Davis has nearly 30 years of experience in technical management and executive roles. He  has worked as a software architect and lead developer in a broad range of technology areas, including networking, operating systems, knowledge/AI systems, semantic networking, applications and tools and is the co-author of two pending United States patents...